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While we’d like to think Theakston ales are legendary in their own right, many other factors contribute to our company’s reputation. To experience these you’ll need to visit our brewery in Masham, in North Yorkshire, where you can taste the brews fresh from the cask and smell the hops in the air! Our Visitor Centre has many other interesting things worth experiencing first-hand.

If you’ve read your history, then you’ll know that it all started when Robert Theakston leased the Black Bull Inn and brewhouse in Masham. In 1875 his son, Thomas, built the famous brewery that stands on an area of Masham known as “Paradise Fields”. Hence “The Black Bull in Paradise” Visitor Centre.

Visit Masham to witness the creation of Ales, first hand – to experience the flavours and aromas of malted barley, hops and yeast for yourself. In fact, with a trained guide, you’ll be able to follow the entire brewing process: from blending the ingredients, through to filling the casks, to the craft of the cooper as straight pieces of oak are formed into curved staves to create a perfect cask to hold a precise amount of beer.

You can chat to the people behind the beer, ask any questions, or simply soak up the atmosphere of the brewery!

The tours can be surprisingly thirsty work. So you’ll also be invited to have a pint and enjoy the authentic taste of English beer at its best in the brewery tap, warmed by a welcoming real fire!

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Theakston Brewery
The Brewery
North Yorkshire

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Main Tel: 01765680000

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