Other Promotional Opportunities


Facebook Ads

You may well have heard how successful and cost effective Facebook Ads can be, but either haven’t yet tried them or maybe not got a clue where to start! If so then we can create and run Facebook Ads Campaigns for you.

Facebook Ads Example
With Facebook Ads you are in complete control of your budget and can set daily and total campaign limits. The great thing is that you can target to whom your Ad is displayed from their Facebook settings – and only pay when they click on your Ad.

Facebook Ads campaigns begin from as low as £50, so please do get in touch if you’d like to find out more about how Facebook Ads can drive targeted traffic and converting customers to your business.

Promotional Videos

It’s no secret that video is now the fastest growing type of online content. Video is very effective because it’s emotional, immediate, and offers a much deeper experience than photos and text alone can.

Creating videos used to be expensive, but it is now very much within most businesses budget for a short promotional video.

It’s a service that we can also provide at a very reasonable cost – and that you can then display on your website, your Facebook Page, your Things To Do When It’s Raining listing, or in a Facebook Ads campaign.

Click on image to see an example video

Promo Video Example
If you’d like to find out more about what video can do for your business then please do get in touch

Featured Editorial

We run featured editorials on local businesses. If you have some local news, or upcoming events, please get in touch with us.