How To Create A Business Listing

Once you have Registered Your Business you can then go on to create your business listing.

You will need to login to the site using the details emailed to you when you registered.

Whenever you log into your account you will first see your ‘Dashboard’ page. From here click on the ‘Website’ link in the top left of the screen and you will then come to the front end of the website.

Now click on Submit Your Business in the top menu bar and you will be able to create your Business Listing in here.

The video below will walk you through what to do, or you can click through to Submit Your Business now. (If you have not already logged in then you can do so here within the page.)

Listing Tips

The directory search facility works by matching the user’s search term with several areas of information in a Business Listing. As well as the category and ‘tags’, the title and description text are key areas where the search facility will ‘look’ to present results / listings to the user.

Your business name may or may not contain key search words about your business, so it is important to include these within your business description.

Include all the activities and facilities you believe your visitor may search for, but make sure this is done in properly constructed sentences or bullet points etc. (A business description is only available for Silver Listings and upwards.)

Please do not include information such as opening hours, prices and social media links in your description as these go in separate areas on the Listing. (Included in Gold and Platinum Listings only).

If you have any questions about Creating Your Business Listing, or anything else on our site, then please do get in touch.